Tuesday, July 10, 2007

China Has New Organic Strategy

"China Organic Agriculture, Inc. (OTCBB:CNOA), a growth-driven agricultural and products company leading China's organic foods revolution, has announced its Strategic Initiatives for fiscal 2007 and beyond. This announcement was made by Jian Lin, Chief Executive Officer of China Organic Agriculture.

To view a multimedia presentation on China Organic Agriculture, please click here: http://www.trilogy-capital.com/content/cnoa/video/cnoa_intro.html.

China Organic has set forth a solid, high-growth business model to continue to make a significant impact in the fast-growing market for organic foods in China. The Company is firmly committed to expanding operations and increasing our profits and has already set in motion several initiatives to expand capacity and extend our reach into other booming economies in Asia. The Company’s three-part, highly-focused plan consists of:

1. Significantly driving shareholder value through a high-margin, high-growth business model that capitalizes on China’s burgeoning $13 billion market for organic foods

2. Expanding market share by gaining new partnerships with major supermarket retail partners in China and other emerging economies in Asia

3. Continue to expand agricultural production capacity and maximize output to meet increasing demand for the highest quality organic rice products"

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