Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Unbelievers

"Will this be enough to convince die-hard opponents of organic food and farming that it really is better for you? No it won't - those who have a fanatical belief in pesticides and GM crops will go on opposing organic with an unnatural fervour whatever the facts. At least they will until the oil and natural gas runs out - and with it the feedstocks for the pesticides and artificial fertilisers that intensive and GM farming relies on. Before that happens, will this new research change Secretary of State for the Environment David Miliband's opinion, expressed earlier this year, that there is no proof of health benefits from eating organic?"

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Parliament Rejects GMOs

"Environmental NGOs have welcomed the rejection by the European Parliament of a proposal to allow traces of genetically modified organisms in organic food. The result of the vote, say Friends of the Earth Europe, Greenpeace, and the European Environmental Bureau, is a clear indication from European elected representatives that the right to GM-free food is non-negotiable."

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Where Did This Food Come From?!

"Some food companies are providing generators on their Web sites that allow you to make the direct link between finished product and point of origin.

Organic Valley, a national farmer-owned cooperative based in LaFarge, Wis., gives you information, pictures and profiles of the hearty looking farmers and families who cultivated the exact soybeans that went into the carton of soy milk in your fridge."

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"Now fears about rBST are becoming more "mainstream," said Torey Ligon, outreach consumer for organic food seller Food Conspiracy Co-op, at 412 N. Fourth Ave. The co-op sells only organic milk, which is produced without antibiotics or rBST, she said."

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Friday, March 30, 2007

Do Chemicals Make You Fat?

"According to vom Saal, there are approximately 55,000 man-made chemicals in the world, 1,000 of which might fall into the category of endocrine disruption.
When fetuses are exposed to these chemicals the way their genes function may be altered, making them more prone to obesity and disease, according to Vom Saal."

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China Isn't Quite There Yet with Organic Produce

"China`s unique "green" distinction is a quasi-organic certification dating back to 1990 which limits the use of chemicals and pesticides compared to fully organic foods grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides."

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Food Fanatic

"Annie Blotz doesn't consider herself a health guru by any means. But she does run a natural food store in Sioux Falls so she sees the growing trend of going organic, first hand.

"We see a lot of people, you know, who spend six dollars, and it could be more, for a gallon of milk," Blotz said.

Buying organic foods often costs more, sometimes as much as twice the price of conventional foods. But Blotz says when she's out buying her own groceries, she chooses as many organic options as possible, because it's an investment in her health.

"We just don't know everything about pesticides and how they affect us," Blotz said. "And there are certain types of produce you should be more careful about buying organic because they are more heavily sprayed."

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Humane Meat?

"Some US consumers want labels that tell if food is local and animals are treated humanely.

..They're pushing for reliable information that would tell consumers whether industrial or family farms produced the food, whether that food was grown locally, and whether farms treated their animals "humanely."

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Whole Trade

"Whole Foods Market , the world's leading natural and organic foods supermarket, announced today that it has created the Whole Trade Guarantee, a buying program that brings together a set of strict criteria for products from developing countries to ensure:

-- exceptional product quality, -- more money for producers, -- better wages and working conditions for workers, -- sound environmental production practices that promote biodiversity, and -- support of poverty eradication via donating one percent of product sales to the Whole Planet Foundation(TM)."

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Yeah, Well, My Chocolate Bunny is Organic

More than half of Rene Rey’s products are organic, said Jackie Rey, general manager and daughter of Rene Rey, the company’s owner and namesake. Organic milk and milk powder make organic chocolate taste different.

“You can really notice a difference,” she said. “It does taste different from non-organic – it’s richer.”

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Tomatoes, Apples and Peaches Also Prove It

"Evidence that organic crops contain higher levels of important nutrients has been published by scientists. They said analysis of organic tomatoes, apples and peaches revealed greater concentrations of vitamin C, polyphenols, betacarotene and flavonoids. The nutrients are said to protect the body against heart attacks and cancer-causing chemicals.

..The French part of the study looked at organic peaches and backed up both claims. It found they had "a higher polyphenol content at harvest" and concluded that organic production had "positive effects...on nutritional quality and taste".

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SunOpta Expands Relations, Offers More

SunOpta, a distributor of organic and natural food products, announced a new deal with the South American fruit industry that will make organic fruits and vegetables more readily available to the public.

"Steve Bromley, President and Chief Executive Officer of SunOpta commented that "We have had an excellent relationship with these companies over the past number of years and are delighted to expand these relationships to ensure our customers of a high quality, reliable and growing source of key organic products. These transactions reflect our strategy of extending our international sourcing capabilities for products that are in short supply globally."

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The Banana Test

"At least, three active substances were found in 28 of the conventionally cultivated bananas. A test for the remaining conventional banana from Colombia contained some tracks of pesticide. With respect to organic bananas, no verifiable rakes of pesticides were found. However, three classified as organic bananas were complained about the presence of active substances (Thiabendazol, Imazalil), these substances cannot be contained in organic produce according to the organic cultivation regulations."

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Organic Pizza for People on the Go

"Pizza Fusion (, the leader in organic, quick-service food and a better quality of life, kicked off the opening of their first franchise in Fort Lauderdale, Florida this weekend with a highly successful launch party. 600 people showed up on Saturday to be the first to taste the new restaurant's offerings, consuming more than 300 pizzas and an extensive list of organic beer and wine.

..The popularity of the organic food industry coupled with Pizza Fusion's aggressive environmental approach makes for an amazing restaurant concept that has entered the market at just the right time," Jeffrey Yagoda explains. "However, their concept wouldn't be a success without the high quality of their product. They've mastered the art of the pizzeria with a pie that's taste speaks for itself. From the oval shape of our gourmet pizzas to the unique taste of our specialty pies, it's a pizza unlike any other. Once you try it, you'll be hooked."

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Cashing In/Green Supply and Demand

"Top processors including Kraft and General Mills have started organic lines or are buying organic companies to add to their portfolios. Wal-Mart is planning to double its organic offerings this year. Retailers such as Safeway and Super Target have launched their own private labels, with Super Target having gone the extra step to get USDA certification as an organic retailer. McDonalds is serving organic coffee. The shelves at 7-Eleven are stocked with organic snacks."

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Farmer Wins in Organic Food Fight

"Harvey's legal focus is ensuring food labels are accurate and that food producers cannot label a product certified organic if it isn't. The result of his recent work is a change in federal laws - effective June 8 - that better define what organic means for milk and food, and better inform the public about the products they are purchasing and consuming.

...You've got to watch these federal agencies like a hawk," Harvey said. "They can take an act of Congress and shape it to suit the industry rather than the consumer. It's my objective to get the regulations back in sync with what the Congress intended.

"Organic consumers need more than government assurance that food is safe," Harvey said."

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They Cloned Bessie

"The FDA announced Dec. 28 that a four-year review of data showed milk and meat from cloned cows, pigs and goats posed no increased safety risks."

Read more about the cloning controversy.

There's still time to let the FDA know how you feel. You can submit your opinions until April 2. Don't let this happen!

Having Trouble Going Organic?

"Go Organic! for Earth Day helps consumers cut through the clutter and take the first steps toward making organic products part of their daily lives,

This April, more than 3,500 grocery stores and 40 leading organic manufacturers will come together for Go Organic! for Earth Day to help consumers discover, understand and ultimately enjoy organic products as part of their daily lives."

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mix It Up

"Industrial baking supplier Steenbergs Organic has extended its range of organic spice mixes used in the production of bakery items such as loaves, biscuits and cakes to help bakers target the growing organic sector."

"American consumers are included as well with a pumpkin pie mix and the French market is covered with a sweet quatre epices variety."

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Clean Until Everything is Green

"While natural household products account for only 1 percent of the household cleaners market, the industry has grown in the U.S. to $100 million annually, according to one retailer of natural goods, Seventh Generation.

You can easily replace the chemical lab beneath your kitchen sink. Environmentally friendly cleaning products are readily available locally or can be purchased online or through catalogs. Consumers will find some of the natural cleaning products are more costly than conventional cleaners while some are more economical."

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Horizon Organic = "Sham Organic Milk"

"We have acted in good faith and have notified Horizon on what they need to do for OCA to end the boycott. It seems the constructive dialogue we had with mediator Michael Funk, CEO United Natural Foods has been cut off," says Ronnie Cummins, Executive Director of the Organic Consumers Association. "It is up to Horizon to decide if they are going to comply with consumer expectations and make sure that their milk is truly organic, or if they are going to continue to exploit loopholes in the USDA NOP (National Organic Program) to sell sham organic milk."

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Organic on TV

The Canadian Food Network website says:
"Manic Organic is an entertaining and visually rich gardening and cuisine series that tells the story of organic produce as it makes its journey from farm field to dinner table.

..Each episode follows a main vegetable and two side vegetables through the life cycle from planting out as seeds to nurturing in the garden without pesticides and finally harvesting and cooking. Along the way Antony, with his own unique brand of humour, demonstrates how viewers can employ organic techniques in their own home gardens."

Thanks go to Well Fed Network for the heads up.

Pet Food Recall Will Benefit Organic Brands

“I’d say this is an in for the organic manufacturers and retailers,” said Vivian Ma, a senior retail analyst at CIBC World Markets in New York. “At this point, consumers see them as an option that represents a source of comfort.”

"..There just aren’t the same kinds of restrictions on nonorganic producers,” said Phil Brown, a Boise, Idaho, veterinary consultant to pet-food maker Newman’s Own Organics.

Brown said Westport, Connecticut-based Newman’s Own Organics has experienced a spike in demand for its products and is able to increase production if required."

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Easter Basket Purity

"M&S spokesman Dean Beadle said: "Increasingly parents want to buy organic food for their children and our research suggests that parents will welcome the opportunity of going organic for Easter."

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Kiwis Prove It

"The Davis scientists, led by Drs. Maria Amodio and Adel Kader, showed that organically grown kiwifruit had significantly increased levels of polyphenols, the healthy compounds found in red wine and coloured berries. They also had a higher overall antioxidant activity, as well as higher levels of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and important minerals compared with their conventionally grown counterparts."

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Teaching the Youth

"Now the 12-year-old girl eats salads. She has her family eating more whole grain foods. And she pays attention to those labels. Her transformation is tied to Youth Organics, a six-week leadership and gardening-skills program for young people in the South End."

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Best for Baby 2

"Baby food is usually made from condensed fruits and vegetables. This means that the pesticide residue can sometimes be concentrated as well. So, you'll get higher levels than in regular food," said Rangan."

"So when it comes to babies, Consumer Reports believes organic baby food can be worth the extra money. Buying organic baby food is just one example of when paying more money pays off."

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Welch's Organic 100% Concord Grape Juice

Welch's says:
"Made with organically grown Concord grapes, Welch’s Organic 100% Concord Grape Juice has twice the antioxidant power of orange juice, and no added sugar. Now the great taste you expect from Welch’s is also available in Welch’s Organic 100% Concord Grape Juice.

You may find Welch's Organic 100% Concord Grape Juice in stores including: Giant Eagle, Hannaford, Harris Teeter, Ingles, King Soopers, Kroger, Meijer, Pathmark, Publix, QFC, Ralph's, Wal-Mart, and Whole Foods."

Organic Toys from Turkey

"We have been in this sector since 1980. Our toys are 100 percent organic and certificated. They include no chemical content."

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A New Morning Favorite

Sometimes, a poptart is the only thing that will hit the spot in the morning. Unfortunately, those commercial poptarts contain tons of crazy ingredients which probably include hydrogenated oil.

Enter Nature's Path Organic Toaster Pastries. Recently, several new kinds were introduced to the line. Flavors include Cherry Pomegran, Chocolate, Brown Sugar Maple Cinn and unfrosted Brown Sugar Maple Cinn, bringing the line to a total of twelve different flavors. Read more about these delicious treats.

I have seen all of the new flavors at Whole Foods so you should be able to get your hands on a box. Two boxes of the chocolate kind have made their way through my house already without me even getting an opportunity to try one. However, I don't know if this is because they are really delicious or because someone in my house thought that no one was eating them and decided to finish them off so they didn't "go to waste."

Nature's Path has also added some information on their website about their Pie-Oh-My! line. Pie-Oh-My! are basically just little microwaveable pies that contain two servings of whole grains and two-thirds of a serving of fruit. They are all natural and partially organic. Flavors include apple, cherry, wild berry and pineapple. Definitely a good choice for people watching their weight who want a nice portion controlled slice of pie.

Best for Baby

"Parents have good reason to be concerned. Children's developing immune, central-nervous, and hormonal systems are especially vulnerable to damage from toxic chemicals. "A lot of these pesticides are toxic to the brain," says Philip Landrigan, a professor of pediatrics and preventative medicine at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City. "We have very good evidence that exposure of the fetus to organophosphorus pesticides produces babies with small head circumference, which is a risk factor for reduced intelligence and behavior disturbances."

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Get to Work, Canada!

"The organic food Canadians are snatching off store shelves isn't Canadian-grown. It's virtually all imported. "Probably less than one per cent," is what Laura Telford, executive director of Canadian Organic Growers (COG) in Ottawa estimates is the amount of Canadian-grown organic food stocked on store shelves currently."

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Get Certified

''Organic certification is not a guarantee of quality or purity of the product,'' according to a fact sheet from the Organic Trade Association. ''Rather, it is evidence of the operation's adherence to a prescribed system of agriculture and food production that involves the building and enhancing of the soil naturally, protection of the environment, humane treatment of animals and avoidance of toxic synthetic substances.''

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Beauty or Cancer?

"Many cosmetic products -- including more than half of all baby soaps -- contained a carcinogenic chemical."

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Feeling Better Thanks to Organic

"They both had aches and pains and digestive problems, and Cindy had sinus trouble. Now, they feel healthier. The solution, they believe, was their decision to eat organic food."

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Honest Tea Moroccan Mint

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketFor the past few days, I have been drinking Honest Tea's Moroccan Mint Green Tea. It has a nice mint flavor with just a touch of sweetness. I have the bottle (sadly, it's empty) right here next to me and the back of it says:

"For centuries, Moroccans have savored green tea with mint. Studies have shown that green tea is packed with antioxidants. Every bottle of our Moroccan Mint contains as much of the antioxidant EGCG as 32 servings of blueberries."

I wonder if that's true? Anyway, this tea also has approximately 1/4 the caffeine of coffee which also translates to me probably not being able to sleep tonight. Hooray!! (I am REALLY sensitive to caffeine.)

New Products from Seeds of Change

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketSeeds of Change always seem to be adding to their line. Recently, they revealed two new frozen entrees, Athenian Orzo and Moroccan Lentil Tagine, and they released a line of organic chocolate bars with flavors like Bayano Dark Chocolate with Cacao Nibs and Cinnamon Essence and Santa Catarina Dark Chocolate with Mango, Toasted Coconut and Cashews. The new products don't even stop there. They ALSO have two new pasta sauces, Sicilian Spicy Eggplant and Vodka Americano.

Everything I have tried from Seeds of Change, I have enjoyed except for maybe their Seven Grain Pilaf with vegetables and herb sauce. I had that yesterday and it was kind of.. scary.
Anyway, a great thing about Seeds of Change is their frozen entrees are usually close to 100% organic! There are very few brands out there offering frozen entrees with that many organic ingredients.

Why Organic?

"People think people who eat organic food are 'out there. I don't have fear that there is pesticide on everything. Food is meant to sustain you and keeps you healthy. Don't skimp out on quality."

"Dupre Bacque said most people think eating organic food is more expensive, but in reality it is a cheaper lifestyle choice than being into things designer jeans and expanded cable television service."

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Food Delivery

"Locally-grown organic produce, including fresh meat, milk and vegetables, is now winging its way around Newcastle, Sunderland, Morpeth and Hexham, thanks to a regular weekly box service set up by a family-run business on Tyneside."

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Taste Test

Do organic products taste better? A father and his two daughters took a blind taste test to find out:

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Usually, I prefer the taste of organic produce because it tends to be fresher and has a stronger flavor. For example, organic orange juice actually tastes like eating a REAL orange while I find that Tropicana orange juice tastes watered down, despite the fact it's 100% juice. It's all a matter of opinion.

Toronto Troubles

"Currently, there are over 200 farm-to-campus programs in North America."

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Organic Tropicana

"At Tropicana we know great-tasting juice. We also know the importance of protecting your family & the environment from harmful food practices.

"That's why we're launching Tropicana Organics. Our organic juices are great-tasting, 100% pure & natural, and made from fruits grown by certified organic farmers."

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Amy's single serve pesto pizza

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI was really happy when I found Amy's single serve pesto pizza in the frozen section at Whole Foods today. I said I would write a review for it, and I plan on writing full reviews (with pictures and ratings) very soon, but before I do, I just want to say that it was an awesome pizza! It tasted surprisingly fresh and the crust was perfectly crunchy. It also only took ten minutes to cook! Less than 500 calories too! It was a perfect quick lunch for an otherwise blah Monday.

Cattle Confusion

"We are therefore not surprised to learn that Horizon and Aurora have been busy lobbying the USDA to keep pasture and feed requirements vague--hoping to deceive consumers by claiming that organic dairy animals must have access to pasture, but then not requiring a particular minimum percentage by weight of their feed--at least 30%--to come from pasture grass. What this means in practical terms is that the USDA will soon propose new federal organic dairy standards that allow so-called organic factory farms to create the impression that their milk cows are being grazed on pasture, while in fact unscrupulous certifiers and bureaucrats in the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) will allow them to get away with "symbolic access to pasture" i.e. intensively confined, stressed-out dairy cows briefly chewing their cuds outside giant milking parlors in between their three-times-a-day milkings."

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Food for Thought: Organic Unsafe?

"..Orher research indicates that organic methods are at best no safer than non-organic methods. At worst, they're significantly less safe. Research from the University of Minnesota published in 2004 found organic lettuce was the most contaminated they tested (one in four heads carried generic E. coli, an indicator of bacterial contamination). Overall, the organic produce was six times more likely to harbor E. coli than produce from conventional farms. The scientists also found potentially deadly Salmonella on organic lettuce and green peppers, but not in any conventional foods tested. The sample sizes were too small to say whether this difference was statistically significant.

The contamination echoes the findings of Consumer Reports, who reported in January that organic chicken harbors 300% more Salmonella than cheaper, non-organic brands they tested. Ditto similar studies from Denmark and Britain. Last week, the British environment agency reported that they could find no evidence that organic foods are any better for the environment, either, despite the shrill insistence of organic activist groups."

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Honest Kids

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketHonest Tea announced a new line of kid friendly organic beverages will be made available to the public in April. That's just a few weeks away! Isn't it crazy how quickly the year goes by?

APRIL 2007! Honest Tea Launches Honest Kids: Lower in Sugar, Caffeine Free and Certified Organic
Beginning in April 2007, we will be launching Honest Kids drink pouches. These organic thirst quenchers will be available in three delicious varieties: Berry Berry Good Lemonade, Goodness Grapeness, and Tropical Tango Punch. Each has less than half the sugar and calories of most juice pouch drinks and is filled with a full day's supply of Vitamin C.

For more information on Honest Tea, visit their website. (FYI, it loads really crazy on my computer, but that might be because my computer is four years old.)

Eastern Europe Goes Organic

"Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary have the biggest market for organic products so far. Tom Vaclavik from Green Marketing stated that Czech consumers had bought an estimated 18 million Euros of organics last year."

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(18 million euros is equivalent to 23 million dollars)

Why should I spend more?

"Any chemical that is foreign to the body will harm it. Organic food has been found by the Journal of Applied Nutrition to have greater levels of vitamins and minerals than non-organic produce.

This could be due to the lesser degree of chemical irritation and disruption. Imagine how produce was grown before technology was discovered and chemicals created to fight off disease and increase growth rate and size."

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Green Kids

"From vegetarian hemp children's shoes ( and organic toothbrushes for toddlers ( to celebrities like Courteney Cox and Gwen Stefani slathering their babies in organic lotions ( and, today's babies seem to be on the right track to grow into socially responsible adults."

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No Better?

"Research shows most fruit and vegetables on sale in Australia have the same levels of nutrients and no traces of pesticides, regardless of whether they are organic or not."

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Taste the Difference

"Organic fruits and vegetables tend to score higher in taste because they are sweeter than conventionally grown foods. Scientists say this is because of the nutrient density of organic produce and their smaller size. Conventional farming methods are designed to produce bigger fruits and vegetables, but increasing cells size adds more water, diluting the concentrations of both vitamins and natural flavors."

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Misled Consumers Buy into "Organic" Salmon

Have you ever wondered if fish can be organic? It seems like the answer is no, considering that it is impossible to tell where the fish have been and what they have eaten, not to mention they are swimming around in mercury contaminated waters. Despite the fact the United States hasn't passed organic standards for fish yet (God knows if they ever will), consumers have been misled by labels claiming that farm raised fish are "organic."

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Got recombinant bovine somatotropin?

"According to the Associated Press, the growth hormone RBST is already banned in Canada and Europe, because of the concern that it makes cows more prone to illness."

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Amy's Kids Meals

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI just checked my email and happily found a newsletter from Amy's Kitchen. Since I am completely obsessed with the company, of course I subscribe to the newsletter. The Spring 2007 newsletter not only mentions the single serving pizzas that I spoke of yesterday, but there is also a mention of new kids meals:

"Recently Amy’s got a letter from a mother who asked if Amy’s would please make special meals for children. So in response to her letter and many similar requests, Amy’s is offering “Amy’s Kids Meals,” made with special “kid appeal” in child-sized portions. Of course, the ingredients are natural and organic and no meat, fish, poultry, eggs or peanuts are used."

Other new additions to the Amy's line-up include Margherita Pizza, Bistro Burger, Quarter Pound Veggie Burger, Amy’s Southern Meal and Tortilla Casserole Bowl.

I am eighteen years old. I can legally buy cigarettes, and gamble and drink in Canada. (I have no interest in doing any of those things, but okay.)
The question is will I buy Amy's kids meals? Absolutely.

Surprise GMOs

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThe owner of Straus Family Creamery in California tested the "organic" feed fed to his animals only to discover it had been tainted by genetically modified organisms. Straus and new ally Whole Foods Market are now working on creating a new certification for foods that do not contain GMOs.

Read the article.

More information on the Non-GMO Project can be found on their website.

Organic German Soda Making its Way to the U.S.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Millions of people worldwide drink soda on a regular basis regardless of whether or not it is good for them. Fortunately, for those who do enjoy soda and want something slightly more.. "nutritious" (well, as nutritious as soda can be anyway) organic German soda company BIONADE plan on making the move to the American market. Flavors include ginger-orange, elderberry, herb, and lychee.
Read the article.

The BIONADE website says:
"BIONADE is in keeping with the trend towards a more natural and healthy diet: A non-alcoholic refreshment drink that is organically produced through fermentation of malt and water. Nutritionally and physiologically valuable gluconic acid is generated in the process. An easily digested organic acid, it contributes to the detoxification of the body.

BIONADE is rich in calcium, low in sodium, phosphorus-free and non-alcoholic.
By combining with minerals, gluconic acid forms mineral gluconates. In this form, the minerals can be easily re-absorbed. A liter of BIONADE Forte contains 400 mg of calcium and 200 mg of magnesium with a very low sugar content."

Amy's Individual Pizzas

Amy's Kitchen has now added individual pizzas to their product line. A delicious, natural, and partially organic pizza in just the right serving size is exactly what us Amy's lovers needed! (Believe me, with Amy's pizzas, there is always the temptation to eat the ENTIRE full sized pizza.) I'll review it as soon as I can get my hands on it. Yeah, I am WAY too excited.

Wal-Mart's Organic Push Receiving Tepid Response

"You've seen the growth in organics," said Cindy Hennessy, senior vice president of innovation at Cadbury Americas beverages. "Consumers are definitely walking the talk across all health, but including organics. It's not as rapid as Wal-Mart might have liked or as any of us might have liked, but it is definitely growing."

Read the article.

First Post!

When you wake up in the morning, how do you start your day? Do you open a box of delicious pesticide-laced cereal and cover it in artificial growth hormone milk? Or do you down a cup of toxic herbicide coffee? Harmful toxins are so delicious and good for you too!!!

Let me start this off by saying something obvious: I prefer/love organic food. I didn't really care about the whole organic thing until about a year ago and now I can't imagine eating anything else. Even though I haven't been eating organically my entire life, I figure it's never too late to start. Why eat potentially harmful pesticides when I have the option not to? I personally find it disgusting that the government allows nonorganic foods. In fact, the idea frustrates me to no end.

At any rate, I plan on posting organic news and reviews daily. Not only will I be able to keep up with something I care about, but I will also get the opportunity to test out my writing abilities (what writing abilities?!) Hopefully, this blog will come in handy!