Monday, July 9, 2007

Organic AND Vegetarian Worcestershire Sauce

"Enjoyed by the British since the reign of Queen Victoria, Worcestershire Sauce is surely one of our more versatile and well-loved “secret ingredients”. So when Geo Organics decided to produce a version that is not only organic but vegetarian and gluten-free, they knew they faced a challenge to meet the exacting standards of Worcestershire Sauce fans.

The “new recipe” Organic Worcestershire Sauce is a deep fusion of flavours that will delight discerning diners and creative cooks.

Vegetarians in particular will love the fact this Worcestershire Sauce is not based on anchovies – like the traditional recipe. As it’s free from barley derivatives, it will also be welcomed by those on a gluten-free diet. And if you eat meat and fish and are not gluten intolerant you’re still in for a treat – because, as ever, Geo Organics has ensured this product tastes superb."

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