Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Organic Farming Ain't Easy

"The organic food industry brings in more than 14-billion dollars a year. However, it only accounts for two percent of the US food supply. As perceptions change about organics going from odd-shaped vegetables and not so appetizing tomatoes to shiny apples, more people are turning to organic foods.

However, organic farming is more difficult than conventional farming. News 13 met a local farmer who truly believes in the principles of organic farming.

For Sam Bellamy farming is a family business. In its sixth generation, Indigo Farms in Brunswick County, NC is proud to return at least part of its land to a traditional form of farming.

Bellamy said organic farming is not easy. “It's about finding a better way it really is,” said Bellamy. “You can do things, but I think you should always be trying to do something better and find a better way to do things."

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