Saturday, July 28, 2007

Wintu Tribe Grows Organic

"If she could see it, Gene Malone's grandmother would surely be proud of the large garden thriving in her former backyard, feeding her people and the public.

The Oasis Road vegetable garden stocks a Saturday morning farmers market, started last month by the Wintu Tribe of Northern California. At first, the market was meant to provide fresh vegetables for the tribe's approximately 435 members, as well as neighboring tribes and low-income residents. But it since has expanded to serve anyone interested in organic food, said Malone, a Wintu Tribe council member.

The garden, measuring about 75 feet by 25 feet, sits behind the former home of Malone's late grandparents, Lala and West Curl.

"It was one of the things she wanted, for it to be used by the tribe," Malone said. "She and my grandpa always had a garden."

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