Wednesday, October 10, 2007

West Coast Has the Most Organic Consumers

"The West Coast is a stronghold for organics consumers, according to a recent analysis from Scarborough Research.

Scarborough finds that 35 percent of San Francisco adults used organic foods during the past month, making it the top U.S. city for organics users*. Seattle (32 percent of Seattle adults used organic foods during the past month), Portland, OR (27 percent), Washington D.C. and Denver (26 percent, each) and San Diego (24 percent) round out the top markets for organics consumers. In the total U.S., 17 percent of all adults are organics users.

Out of the 79 local markets measured by Scarborough, 23 were identified as organics markets**, or those markets that have an above-average percentage of organics consumers. Of these 23 organics markets, more than half (13 cities) are in the Western census region, more than one-quarter (six cities) are in the Southern census region, three cities are in the Northeast, and one is in the Midwest (Minneapolis, MN)."

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