Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Children Drive Organic Growth

"Children are a big reason for the growth in popularity of organic goods, say major organic industry members.

“A substantial amount - up to a third – of our organic category is estimated to be consumed by a person under eight,” says Rick Carmont, brand category manager with the world’s leading dairy exporter, Fonterra.

Don Fraser, consultant to organic retail success story Macro Wholefoods Market says consumer concern over food origins and ingredients has parents looking for certified organic alternatives.

“This willingness to invest in a child’s health is occurring despite the fact parents may not consume organic themselves.”

“Some mothers are buying two separate rounds of groceries – conventional product for themselves, but organically produced for their children,” says Mr. Fraser.

Monica Waters of Nourish Foods says parents are becoming more aware of a gap in healthy food availability for toddler and above aged children."

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