Tuesday, April 29, 2008

LIV Sports Drink Goes Organic

"PRINCETON, N.J., April 29 /PRNewswire/ -- LIV Organic(TM), the innovative 18-month old sports drink brand, announced today that its brand and ingredients are now organic, moving up from its previous "all natural" status. All current LIV customers will carry LIV Organic(TM).

Nancy Dince, Founder and President of Ritorna Natural, maker of LIV Organic, commented, "While the LIV brand is still relatively new, consumers quickly discovered that we offer the best of the traditional sports drinks, electrolytes and carbohydrates, but none of their unhealthy ingredients. Our move to organic takes LIV to a critical next step, moving from a strong position to an even better one as the only organic ready to drink sports drink in America. Americans are increasingly striving for a healthy lifestyle and the market indicates that organic foods are an integral factor. We, together with our retailers and consumers, look forward to great possibilities."

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