Monday, May 12, 2008

Corporate Giants Jumping On the Eco-Fashion Wagon

"Wal-Mart is doing it. Kohl’s is doing it. So is Target and The Gap. Even Saab, the Swedish automaker, is doing it! These are just some of the corporate giants jumping onto the eco-fashion bandwagon.
Consumers are increasingly realizing the upside of buying organic: it’s better for the earth and just as trend-worthy, and retailers are meeting that demand with more and more product lines.
Three years ago, Wal-Mart started with organic cotton yoga tops and has since expanded into baby clothes, teen fashion and men’s and women’s t-shirts. Even The Gap is getting into the organic cotton game.
Banana Republic will be introducing a 50-piece green fashion line, made from sustainable fabrics, including bamboo and organic cotton, next month. You can read about the company’s environmental efforts at"

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