Saturday, May 24, 2008

OCA's Testimony to USDA Over Preserving Organic

"Testimony presented to USDA National Organic Program & National Organic Standards Board by Alexis Baden-Meyer, Organic Consumers Association, Washington, DC
May 22, 2008

I want to thank the members of the Nation Organic Standards Board, the representatives of the USDA National Organic Program and everyone in the room for being here together to further the organic movement. At a time when humanity faces a triple global crisis around energy, food and climate change, the organic movement is leading by example and providing solutions. Organic agriculture can simultaneously feed the world, conserve energy, and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. It can increase biodiversity, restore human health and the health of ecosystems so that we can all have access to clean air, soil and water.

Another thing that's really special about the NOSB and the USDA NOP is the democratic process that we're seeing in action today. This is another way that the organic movement is leading by example. You won't find any other process for setting federal policy that is more democratic and inclusive of public participation."

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