Friday, May 2, 2008

Planet Organic is the Top Retailer in Canada

"EDMONTON, May 2 /CNW/ - A national magazine picked Planet Organic Markets as the top organic food retailer across Canada.
The survey of 14 major grocery retailers by Corporate Knights magazine gave Planet Organic an overall "Excellent" rating or an 'A', while Planet's most direct competitor, Whole Foods, garnered second spot with a 'B+'.

Other major retailers such as Loblaws, Safeway and Sobeys came in with distant 'C' ratings, meaning they were either "showing potential" with their organic food retail sections or were "average."

"I'm grateful to have received this kind of recognition," said Mark Craft, president of Planet Organic Markets. "I believe it's a result of our firm decision to support organic agriculture, and also to the dedicated team of people who work at Planet and keep our commitment strong."

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