Monday, May 5, 2008

Plantskydd Introduces 20lb Bag of Rabbit & Small Critter Repellent

"(PRWEB) May 5, 2008 -- Plantskydd™ Rabbit & Small Critter Repellent is now available from Tree World Plant Care Products, in a NEW Bulk size 20 lb bag, with 'easy-carry' handles -- to protect lawns, ornamentals, shrubs and trees from small animal browse damage.

100% organic, and not harmful to pets or the environment, Plantskydd is formulated to mimic predator activity--ensuring rabbits and small critters will dine in your neighbor's garden, not yours. Plantskydd is the 1st repellent to be 'Listed' by the USDA recognized Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) as "...suitable for use in the production of organic food and fiber."

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