Wednesday, May 7, 2008

YoNaturals Vending Machines Spreading Through Michigan

"Grand Rapids, MI, May 6 2008 – YoNaturals Inc. the established market leader in healthy vending, today announced the launch of its healthy vending program in schools in the Grand Rapids, MI area. Schools participating in the program are Jenson High School, West Catholic High and Catholic Central School. Also, Borgess Health Hospital is participating and is amongst several hospitals in the nation that have recently added YoNaturals machines. We’re very enthusiastic about the addition of Grand Rapids as an additional market for YoNaturals” says Mark Trotter, CEO of YoNaturals Inc.

With a strong dedication to fighting health issues among today’s youth, YoNaturals is excited to see schools throughout the Grand Rapids area take action and begin offering healthier snacking options for their students. Trotter explains that, “This nationwide epidemic of childhood obesity and early-onset-diabetes has attracted attention from parents, lawmakers, and school officials who have become increasingly concerned about the diet of America’s school children.” Most notably involved in the recent effort to improve food in schools are U.S. Senators, Tom Harkin of Iowa, and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. Their goal, which could contribute greatly to the growth of YoNaturals, involves passing an amended version of the recently expired farm bill which will make schools accountable for the nutrition aspects of what products are offered in schools nationwide."

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