Thursday, June 26, 2008

Consumers in Beijing Buying More Organic

"Organic food has long been associated with the Western middle classes. But the trend is catching on in China, popularised by Beijing's efforts to host a "Green Olympics" this summer. Sales of organic food are rising, with retailers recording as much as a 50% increase compared to 2007. Dozens of outlets in Beijing now offer organic fare, which is free from pesticides, chemicals and genetically modified substances.

The selection of beautifully presented goods include anything from grapes to carefully peeled onions, wrapped in cellophane. The manager at the Huapu Hypermarket in central Beijing says that the rise in organic food consumption shows how the Olympics is promoting green awareness.

Liu Wenli is not only banging the "Green Olympic" drum in his supermarket, but he will also be carrying the Olympic flame when it comes to the Chinese capital. "We are going to host the 29th Olympic Games in China, and the slogan is that it's a people's Olympics, a technological Olympics, and a importantly a 'Green Olympics'. And so we're hoping to attract everyone's attention," Liu said."

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