Thursday, August 14, 2008

British Groceries More Expensive Than Organic Box Delivery

"London, England (AHN) - Comparison shopping by a United Kingdom newspaper showed that organic veggies cost 22 percent more in British supermarkets than those sold by box delivery schemes and local grocers.

A large box of greens made up of fennel, chard leaves, runner beans, courgettes and potatoes from Riverford, U.K.'s largest organic delivery business, totaled $29.78 (15.95 pound).

The same volume of veggies at Tesco will cost the consumer $41.08 (22 pound), $44.44 (23.80 pound) at Sainsbury's and $48.99 (26.23 pound) at Waitrose.

Rob Hawar, operations director of Riverford, explained to the U.K. Telegraph the large difference was because of financial redundant business models of the grocery chains. Hawar cited the chains' rejection of oddly shaped veggies as one of the reasons behind the high cost, which is passed on to shoppers.

Meanwhile, a School Food Trust report discovered 14 percent of young Britons do not eat fruits despite nutrition experts' advice to take in five portions a day."

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