Monday, September 15, 2008

Is Your Computer Green?

"Sherry Conrad and her family want to reduce their carbon footprint. They use reusable shopping bags and buy organic clothes and organic food. When it was time to get a new computer, Conrad opted for Dell’s new eco-friendly desktop called the Studio Hybrid.

“It’s made from recycled parts. It uses a whole lot less energy, which helps everybody nowadays,” said Conrad, a stay-at-home mom from Conway, Ark.

Computer manufacturers, chip makers and software companies are developing products for environmentally conscious consumers. While some tech companies are developing more energy-efficient product lines, others are releasing software to make existing computers consume less. And electronics manufacturers are expanding ways to make new computers out of recycled materials, as well as encourage customers to recycle old machines. Consumers may pay a slight premium for some eco-friendly electronics, but many prices will be comparable with traditional offerings."

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