Thursday, October 2, 2008

Are There Green Beauty Risks?

"The next time you spend a pretty penny on lotion, shampoo or cream that claims to be organic or natural, you may want to think twice. So-called "green" products are not always as beneficial as they seem.

"Most of these ingredients in personal care products are not overseen by the FDA," says Lynda Fassa, founder of and author of "Green Babies, Sage Moms." "The poor consumer goes to Sephora and sees something that's all-natural or organic, but that doesn't mean anything."

So how can a consumer tell what's authentic? One way is to look for certification. If a product bears the USDA seal, at least 95 percent of the ingredients are organic. Other organic certifiers include EcoCert, OASIS and the Soil Association, but keep in mind that standards vary. For example, OASIS enforces a minimum of 85 percent organic, compared to 95 percent in products with a USDA seal."

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