Friday, October 31, 2008

India is Top Organic Cotton Producer

"Chennai, Oct. 31 Call it compulsion or accident, the fact is India is now the world leader in production of organic cotton. The country’s organic cotton output increased 292 per cent during 2007-08 to 73,702 tonnes compared with the previous year. But this is what the Organic Exchange’s Organic Cotton Farm and Fibre Report 2008 had to say: “While this (production details) is partially the result of more accurate data, the increase is also a result of unavailability of fertilisers, prohibitive cost of synthetic pesticides and general disenchantment with genetically modified cotton production.”

However, it says India is undeniably the world leader in this field and showing signs of continued increase in production. And, in turn, it has pushed global organic production by 152 per cent to 1.46 lakh tonnes. This means India contributes exactly half of the world’s organic cotton output."

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