Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Organic egg production - For how much longer?

"During 2008, the financial problems that we are and will be facing have led to a reduction in the sales of organic eggs. Fortunately for the free range egg industry, those who have been purchasing organic eggs seem to be deciding that the perceived welfare advantage of free range egg production is one of the key factors in their decision making. I agree with this. In well managed free range units, even large scale ones; the welfare of the hens can be equal to that on organic farms. Therefore any minor alterations in the nutrient quality of the eggs from hens that receive organic feed are likely to be financially forgettable when times are hard. Does this mean that organic egg production is doomed? No, not quite, but the implications are that the share of the market for organic eggs will from now on be lower. Why?

So far, nutritionists and feed compounders have done wonders in sourcing ingredients and formulating feeds that can and do produce good results. However the crunch time is approaching when in 2010, the feed must have a content that rises from 90% to 95% organic. After this, there will be the mandatory final step to 100% organic ingredients in the feed."

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