Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Heavy Snows Taking Toll on Greenhouses, Crops

"The heavy snows which are blanketing much of the eastern half of the country are taking their toll on greenhouse structures. Growers are reporting damage caused by the weight of the heavy snows, including damage to the glazing and structural supports.

Larry Gude of Gude Brothers Greenhouse in Middletown, Md., walked into his 67,000 sq. ft. greenhouse on Feb. 6, to find shattered glass and bent metal. The Frederick News-Post reported that Gude estimates the structural damage could be as high as $1 million with a plant loss of $750,000. Gude is hoping to salvage a portion of the 400,000 gerbera plants that were growing in the house. reported that Gude and his employees were working to try to save 25% of the crop.
Members of the Univ. of Md. Extension said that they have received several reports form growers in central Maryland and on the Eastern shore that incurred damage from both unheated and heated greenhouses collapsing from the heavy snowfall. One grower lost a third of the greenhouses at his operation. "

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