Saturday, February 6, 2010

Taiwan Company Under Fire for Mislabeling Origin of Organic Food

"TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A producer of organic foods was facing fines Monday for misrepresenting the origin of its products as hailing from Ilan County.
Yuen Foong Yu Biotech Co. Ltd, an affiliate of prominent paper manufacturer Yuen Foong Yu Group, said it had started last December to print the location of the packaging procedure on its labels instead of the region of origin. The change was completely legal, Yuen Foong Yu Biotech President Ho Yi-chia told a news conference Monday, blaming the confusion about the labeling on unclear legislation.

Inspectors and consumers groups disagreed with the company’s arguments, saying the true region of origin of each organic product should be clearly and honestly listed on the labels. Media reports alleged some of the company’s organic products came from suppliers that had not yet received official homologation as organic farms."

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