Monday, March 8, 2010

A Day on the (Organic) Farm

"At TrueFields farm, Grey Face, Freckles and Girl ally vie for the attention of David Sanders, their human minder. David not only provides food in the form of outdated organic onions, carrots and other produce from area grocery stores. He also gives belly rubs to the 300-pound sows that live the good life on this organic operation.

TrueFields has been on 850 acres near Hallsville since 2008 but is in the process of moving to a place northwest of Jefferson. My fiancĂ© and I managed to squeeze in a tour from David, who is an investor in True Fields and an employee, on the last weekend before the big move with the landowners of the Hallsville farm, which is a larger operation. TrueFields is owned by some smart, energetic and fascinating LeTourneau University alumni — who also worked for the landowners full-time, running the latter's organically raised cattle operation. Now the owners of TrueFields are striking it out on their own in Jefferson."

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