Thursday, May 6, 2010

Triple Bottom Line: Plum Organics

"Babies — they're cute and cuddly — and thanks to Plum Organics, more and more of them are eating healthy, organic foods each day. Plum Organics was founded by mom and third-generation entrepreneur Gigi Lee Chang. Chang founded Plum to create a nutritious and simple solution for busy moms and growing children. Currently, Plum produces everything from baby food all the way to snacks for toddlers.

Plum revolves around the principle that feeding your child healthy stuff from a very young age helps to develop their taste buds and an appreciation for healthy food thereby saving parents a lifetime of dinner conversations that start with "no you cant be excused until you finish your brussel sprouts." Or worse, having mom find random vegetables in the flower pots in the dining room. Oh, wait, that was my life."

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