Saturday, April 14, 2007

Harming the Environment with Organic Farming?

"After studying 150 organic and non-organic food products, lead author Ken Green, professor of environmental management at the Manchester Business School, reported, "There is certainly insufficient evidence available to state that organic agriculture overall would have less of an environmental impact than conventional agriculture."

The researchers found no evidence that organic farming provides any overall environmental advantages ... and also found that many popular organic products strain the environment much more than food products produced through conventional methods. Organically grown vegetables were singled out as particularly stressful on natural resources.

"..Consumers should avoid being misled into shopping out of fear and propaganda," said Avery, "and instead realize that the modern food system is not only incredibly safe--last fall's spinach E. coli outbreak was caused by organically grown spinach on a pasture-based, 100 percent grass-fed beef ranch--it is also incredibly efficient. And that is just good for the environment."

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