Thursday, December 6, 2007

Review of Organic Energy Drink Syzmo

"Try Szymo on for size

You could go it alone, i.e., do your holiday shopping with mere food as sustenance. But if you dislike shopping as much as I do, you may need a little help to get you through that marathon mall-sweep. I know I do. My plan this year is to put a little Syzmo in my step.

Since I don't usually guzzle energy out of a can, I'm not sure Syzmo will deliver. But the makers of the energy drink claim the carbonated contents of each can will provide the drinker with "sustained energy," thanks to loads of vitamins and lots of energy, courtesy of organic coffee, guarana, green tea and yerba mate.

I figure it's worth a shot — and the drink tastes a lot better than any other energy drink I've tried."

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