Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Organic Kids Meal Reviews

"If you've made the usual resolution to eat more healthfully in this new year, don't forget to apply that same principle to what you serve your children.

Two companies have made that task easier by creating new frozen convenience foods aimed at young palates. Amy's Kitchen of Petaluma, maker of natural and organic products, has a new line of kids meals: Kids Meals Mac n' Cheese, and Kids Meals Baked Ziti.

The Mac n' Cheese comes with a small portion of organic broccoli with cheese, a slice of focaccia, and honey-sweetened organic apples. The Baked Ziti meal is gluten- and dairy-free. In fact, the ziti and focaccia are made of rice, and include only dairy-free cheese. Each 8-ounce serving comes frozen; just heat in the microwave to serve. The entrees are about $4.29 at Whole Foods stores, as well as select Safeway and Costco stores. For information, go to"

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