Friday, January 4, 2008

Organic Meat Producers Being Short-Changed in U.K.

"Yes, we know we should be vegetarians, but we really do like a bit of British, organic meat now and then, and that's why we were gutted to learn from a report published today by the Soil Association that "supermarket pricing is holding back UK organic meat production".

The report explains that in the past year, imports of organic meat have increased and most British organic meat farmers who supply supermarkets have been short-changed. On average, supermarkets pay farmers a shocking 40 pence less per kilo of beef than it cost to produce it.

SmartPlanet talked to a British organic livestock farmer and supplier to a major UK supermarket, who thinks the Soil Association's report is spot on. The farmer wants to remain anonymous, but tells us: "The prices on organic meat, lamb especially, are historically low, but it's difficult to know whether the impetus comes from the processors or the supermarkets."

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The meat producers aren't being nearly as screwed as the poor animals they are slaughtering for profit!