Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Vegan Valentine's Day

"I am not a vegan. But I am vege-tarian with a pair of lactose-intolerant twins at home and a wife who abhors eggs. So, we tend to eat vegan by default. And this year, for Valentine's Day, I decided to get some vegan candy for my loved ones. The plan: head down to Rheb's Candy on Wilkens Avenue and put together a nice V-Day box. No meat. No milk. No honey. Just candy. Easy, right?

Crowded into the little store with other customers like truffles in a box, I took a number and window-browsed the glass cabinets full of chocolates filled with all varieties of fruit, cream, and nut. I've done my vegan homework, so I know that I've got to purchase sweet chocolate in the style it first hit the market in 1847--dark and milkless.

I had to pass on several of my favorite varieties of candy hearts and gummy sweets because they were made with gelatin. Baltimore's Vegetarian Resource Group ( lists the ingredients of gelatin as: "bones, skins, hoofs, and tendons of cows, pigs, fish and other animals." Thanks, reality; now you've gone and ruined Jell-O."

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