Sunday, April 27, 2008

Register Your Crop Sit

"Growers of organic and sensitive crops are encouraged to post their crop locations on a web page hosted by the Kansas Department of Agriculture's pesticide and fertilizer program, so pesticide applicators will know where to use extra caution to prevent drift.

"Each year, the number of acres devoted to sensitive and organic crops in Kansas grows," said Gary Meyer, manager of the pesticide and fertilizer program. "With that expansion comes increased concern that sensitive and organic crops will be impacted by pesticide drift."

The most common herbicide-sensitive crops in Kansas are cotton, grapes, tomatoes, and fruit and nut trees. Exposure to minute concentrations of some of the more commonly used hormone-type herbicides can result in crop damage or failure. Organic growers could lose their USDA certified organic status if any type of pesticide, including insecticides and fungicides, are detected in their crops."

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