Friday, May 16, 2008

Organic Bug Busting in Suffolk

"A Suffolk company has invested in ground-breaking Dutch technology that controls pests and bugs in food without the need for chemicals.

Food warehousing and distribution specialist, Anchor Storage near Debenham is helping to pioneer a new eco-friendly pest control chamber that eradicates bugs by stimulating and then cutting the oxygen supply.

According to Anchor Storage, there are an eye-watering 150 different species of insect that are commonly found in foodstuffs after it has been harvested. The culprits range from Flour beetles to moths to mice to, most common of all, Rice Weevil.

These bacteria-filled bugs are traditionally removed using a chemical fumigation process but Dutch company, EcO2 B.V. has developed an organic, non-toxic method of pest and insect control – totally safe for humans, not at all for bugs."

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