Sunday, May 11, 2008

Organics Are Becoming Out of Reach

"In the past decade, organic food has moved into the mainstream, as more and more consumers have gotten creeped out by the use of growth hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, chemical fertilizers and all other sorts of unsavory, potentially carcinogenic things that go into conventional food products. The rising demand for organic food has even pushed Wal-Mart into the organics game; recently, the retail giant struck fear into the hearts of small organics suppliers by announcing a plan to fill its shelves with organic produce, meat, and dairy.

But the recent spike in food costs may curb the growing demand for organics. According to a Newsweek story, rising energy and commodity prices could drive healthy, organic fare beyond the reach of many consumers.

A gallon of conventional milk can cost as little as $2.99; meanwhile, the privilege of consuming milk that is free of unhealthy additives can run consumers up to $7 dollars a gallon."

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