Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Rodale Institute's Timothy LaSalle Discusses the Benefits of Organic Farming

"The Rodale Institute, founded by organic farming visionary J.I. Rodale, is one of the nation's leading organic-farming research and advocacy organizations. Today, Rodale sits on a 333-acre farm near Kurtztown, Penn., home to the longest-running U.S. field trials study to compare organic and conventional farming practices.

I had a chance recently to talk with the Institute's executive director, Timothy LaSalle, about Rodale's vision, its work, and how it sees agriculture as part of a crucial response to climate change. Our conversation touched on some of the key findings of the Institute's many decades of field studies, as well as what their findings have to teach us about the relationship between farming and climate.

As you might expect from someone with a doctorate in "depth psychology," LaSalle was fascinating to talk with -- and his vision inspiring."

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