Saturday, May 10, 2008

Top Five Organic Heroes

"Our worries about rising food prices and global warming have taken us to a place that Lady Eve Balfour could never have imagined when she founded the Soil Association in 1946. She always promoted local food, but her argument was about freshness – the near to the point of production you eat it, the more good it will do you, says Patrick Holden, the associations director. She obviously wasnt thinking about carbon footprints, but I think intuitively she was on to the same thing.

That’s why this years Times/Soil Association Organic Food Awards, in association with Highland Spring, are so important. Next month, a panel of food experts will be sipping, slurping and munching their way through thousands of entries, but we would like you to recommend who you think should be rewarded as well, in our special Times reader award.

The Soil Association has put forward their top five below, but wed like to hear from you too. So if you know a brilliant butcher, baker or organic cheesemaker, or have a favourite brand of anything from chocolate to baby food, click the link below and let us know about them. And one of them will become the 2008 Times/Soil Association Food Hero."

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