Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Future is Uncertain for Poland's Organic Farms

"Chwalowice, Poland - The decrepit farm in southern Poland was typical of many built before World War II, with high wooden roofs, cracked paint and straw on the barn floors. But three years ago, the 52-hectare farm was transformed into a showcase for farmers, who now come from across Poland for tours and lessons in organic production.

The barn is now re-pained and lined with an herb garden. Organic beetroots and potatoes are stored inside, ready for buyers in what is one of the most dynamic markets in Polish - and European - agriculture.

With 16.2 million hectares of farmland, Poland is a key producer of apples, rye and potatoes in the European Union. It has more farmers than any other EU state, and boasts 0.41 hectares of farmland per person compared to the 0.19 EU average."

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