Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sewage Destroys Florida Organic Farm

"Tampa, Florida - It's hard to believe that in one tragic moment a labor of love can be destroyed, but Rick Martinez says it can happen.

He knows firsthand.

The lifelong organic farmer was blunt. "Takes 14 years to make a reputation and five minutes to lose it," he said.

Rick was heartbroken the morning of September 12th as he awoke to an urgent knock on his door. An on-site worker from his six-acre Sweetwater Organic Community Farm in Town 'N Country had a desperate look on his face.

Rick couldn't believe what he heard next.

A Hillsborough County sewage line filled with 200,000 gallons of untreated raw sewage, straight from people's homes, was bubbling up near Rick's property. The stench was overwhelming.

He described the nauseating smell. "I guess, if you're toilet has backed up and the plumber hasn't been there in a couple of days, if you can imagine that smell, that would be it!"

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