Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Australia Among the Most Innovative Organic Markets

"Being more innovative than most has paid off for three Australian organic companies, whose creative approach to business sees them looking forward to a prosperous 2009 despite the economic turmoil.
The recent opening of Z Mills in SE Queensland was a giant step for organic flour milling. Protection from light, reducing the temperature to 4◦Celsius or lower and using nitrogen to exclude oxygen from the milling process means that the enzyme reactions that cause rancidity in flour are virtually eradicated.
In addition, CEO Thomas Cunliffe reports, the process retains the grain roughage and essential oils, minerals and fibre so that the nutrient value of the flour is maintained.
The mill can be used for hard grains such as brown rice and hemp and trials are planned for milling China, tiny seeds of an ancient South American plant that is rich in anti-oxidants. Even the mill is a local product, a Queensland design in which the grain effectively mills itself through a contained, high-speed impact process that uses no water and 30% less energy than conventional mills.
Australian Harvest’s grape marc produce is also ready for the New Year, after making its mark at a major food expo in Dublin."

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