Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bella Baby Foods Offers Organic, Frozen Baby Food That Is Nutritious and Convenient

"NEW YORK, March 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Bella Baby Foods' organic, frozen baby food is ideal for today's busy families. Organic fruits and vegetables are prepared and then individually packaged in 1.5 ounce pouches making it easy to use and convenient.
Founder, Marisa O'Donnell, was in search of a 100% organic and nutrient-rich baby food for her daughter, Bella. When she was unable to find the perfect meal solution, O'Donnell and her husband started to make their daughter's food at home. "It was fun for us," she said, "and then one night it hit us - we should offer this to the world." Soon after, Bella Baby Foods was established.
Bella Baby Foods uses organic fruits and vegetables that are independently pureed and then flash-frozen to lock in freshness, retain natural flavors, and capture vivid colors. The flash-freezing process prevents freezer burn and freezer odor. The baby foods do not contain salt, sugar, and artificial flavoring. The non-GMO foods are also wheat, gluten, and BPA free. Bella Baby Foods makes it easier for parents to recognize and clear infants of food allergies as it is 100% natural and the packets contain a single ingredient."

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