Friday, February 5, 2010

Organic Farming Boosts Farmers Markets

"Big retailers are facing competition from farmers markets, as buyers seek fresher food grown without agricultural chemicals.

In the rich soils of Byron Bay, farmer Alisdair Smithsom grows seasonal fruit and vegetables for local markets, and is helping to grow the local economy at the same time.

Farmhand Beck was unemployed when she moved to the area, and found the best way to eat organic food was to volunteer on an organic farm for one day a week in exchange for a box of vegies.

"A year and a half later, I'm living on the farm, working on the farm, and it's fantastic," she said.

The 130 acre ReGensis farm, at Myocum to the north of Byron Bay, was established in 2001, and focuses on organic whole systems agriculture, best-practice farm forestry, and environmental regeneration and repair."

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